About Art Monsters

art monsters
noun  |   [ ˈärt mon · sters ˈmän(t)-stərs ]
Young humans, often found in groups of 8 or 10, who unleash their youthful creative powers to explore the wild world of visual arts, resulting in lifelong affinity for and appreciation of the arts.​

We believe the more exposure all kids have to art while growing up not only helps them learn, but also helps them understand and support the arts in the future.  To us, one important aspect of this education is being exposed to professional art galleries and artist studios where kids can gain real life understanding of the way many artists make and sell their work.  This exposure to friendly gallery atmospheres, combined with the fun of creating one’s own art, not only helps foster creative learning, but also helps lay the groundwork for future understanding, connection to, and support of artists and their work.

Art Monsters was created by Renee, a visual artist and mom who has been an after school art teacher at various Marin County schools.  She has also been a long time elementary school art docent in Marin County, producing a number of award-winning collaborative class projects for the Marin County Fair.  Renee has a BA in Media Communications from San Francisco State, a Certificate in Drawing from Berkeley Extension, and a Post-Bac Certificate in Visual Arts from Berkeley Extension.